What is MSA? – The Essentials

The Vision of MSA

The MSA team seeks to enable followers of Jesus, especially those who are innovators and unsatisfied with status quo faith, to a counter cultural way of life. We encourage people to create new forms of whole life faith and innovative ways to make a difference locally and globally that seeks to both advance God’s purposes and engage tomorrow’s challenges.

MSA aspires to become a networking hub for Christian imagination and innovation enabling individuals, families and communities of faith to create new forms of spiritual practices, sustainable lifestyles and sustainable communities locally and globally for life in these turbulent times.

MSA is a community-based organization that fosters shared values of simplicity, spirituality, sustainability and hospitality. We desire to view every MSA venture as a collaborative opportunity, inviting people into a creative process of group discernment and spiritual retreat and seeking to redeem God’s indwelling creative spark to create new models of life and faith.

The mission of MSA (What)

Unleashing the creative potential of ordinary people in community.

MSA Goals (How)

MSA seeks to unleash the creative potential of ordinary people by:

  • Inspiring individuals, churches and organizations with a vision of God’s purposes that shows them how to live as whole life disciples by connecting their lives and faith more directly to those purposes.
  • Connecting those who want to live counter culturally and make a difference, to each other and to creative resources that assist their journey. We seek to cross-pollinate across a diverse spectrum of faith and cultural backgrounds and plan to develop collaborative partnerships that will enhance this ability.
  • Creating processes that ignite people’s creativity and enable them to develop new models of faith, life and action that both advances God’s purposes and engages tomorrow’s challenges.

MSA Reach (Where)

MSA is a global network of followers of Jesus. We work to connect people all over the planet across generations, denominations and cultures. In our efforts to live as agents of culturally subversive faith, we want to promote the use of the MSA dynamic and its shared values as a template for growing future communities locally and globally. This will primarily be accomplished through our online teaching and sharing of diverse stories of success and failure in community.


Providing an educational and networking fulcrum for our global constituency through the work coordinated at the Mustard Seed House office in Seattle. Speaking opportunities for all MSA team members are coordinated through this hub. Its work will be expanded in the future as an office also develops at the MSV.

Godspace Blog

Focusing on sustainable spiritual practices, providing creative spiritual formation and worship resources for a global network of those who want to integrate their faith into all areas of life. It will increasingly provide a connecting point for Mustard Seed Associates to grapple with what Christian spiritual practices can look like in their context, assisting them to both develop and share their stories and resources.

MSA Website

Focusing on sustainable living practices, providing resources for those exploring new and creative options for housing, community development, economic and social entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability. It will continue to develop into a connecting point for Mustard Seed Associates encouraging them to share their compelling stories as they grapple with appropriate responses to the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

MSA Publications

Developing collaborative resources for sustainable life and faith that flow out of the burning issues Mustard Seed Associates around the world grapple with. These provide further opportunities for associates to share their expertise and communicate the ideas and perspectives they have shared on the MSA websites.

In this context both the Mustard Seed House and the Mustard Seed Village provide:

  1. Core residential communities – one urban, one rural – that live out the shared values of MSA with a rhythm of prayer, worship and sustainability, modelling possible expressions of an incarnational and kingdom lifestyle.
  2. Gathering places where people can come to discuss issues facing individuals, churches and communities now and in the future, wrestle with what a whole life faith can look like in their context and unleash their imaginations to create appropriate models of sustainable life and faith.
  3. Places to produce educational resources that promote MSA’s values and processes in order to invite people from a broader global audience to unleash their creativity to develop a more authentic whole life faith.

The Mustard Seed House (MSH)

Because of its urban location and small size, MSH has already become a place of exploration for people who seek a sustainable more whole life faith. The hospitality we provide for guests from around the world is an important “program” that comes out of this community and helps us to focus on the goals of inspiring and connecting people. The small community-based creativity workshops, spiritual retreats and conversations, are examples of programs we envisage continuing to flow out of this community.

The Mustard Seed Village (MSV)

because of its larger size and rural location, will provide a space for more intensive and longer residential educational programmes at which participants can engage in creative processes that enable them to create new models for life and faith. It will also provide a site for experimentation in practices of sustainable faith and sustainable living and provide a supportive environment in which some of these can new models can be lived out.

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